Are you ready for flu season ?

Flu season is upon us! Have you gotten your flu shot? Did you know there are other ways to protect yourself and your home? UV Lighting Systems protect the whole home from contaminants like Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Gases and Odors.


A testing protocol which included a “Sneeze Simulation Machine” and “Sneeze” chamber found a sneeze can travel at up to 100 mph, considering lung capacity, sneeze pressure, and liquid volume. An average of 78% reduction of microbials was achieved at 3 feet from the sneeze source with UV Lighting protection.


There are a wide variety of products that claim to be effective for indoor air quailty. The top performers we’ve found are Reme Halo and Guardian Air both manufactured by RGF Environmental Group.




Coming in at a close second are the Apco and the Blue Tube both manufactured by Triatomic Environmental Inc.







Indoor air quality has many levels of protection. We know cost and warranty are all factors in home protection purchases, but make sure that the product you choose provides against bacteria, mold, viruses and odors as all of these do. Call us with any questions about the products or to set up a home diagnostic visit to find the best application for your home environment.


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