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How A New Air Conditioner Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a term that refers to the air quality within and around places like residences and businesses. Improving air quality in a home can be reason alone to consider buying a new air conditioner. Many harmful pollutants like mold, cleaning agents and volatile chemicals can be found in the air that we breathe.

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we specialize in indoor air quality testing and treatment. With our state of the air testing technology, we can detect if there are any harmful odors or pathogens affecting the air quality. Our air conditioning service experts can also install a new air conditioner in Jupiter and in the surrounding areas to ensure superior air quality.

What Determines Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe can be affected by many things. Bacteria, viruses, and chemicals used for cooking and cleaning can greatly decrease the air quality and can be extremely harmful to the body. An air conditioner system recycles old air by cleaning it with filters and removing the humidity from it.

Air Purifiers Can Help

The air purifiers offered by Complete Environmental Solutions can help to improve air quality. The oxidizers generated by our air purifiers actively kill harmful parasites in the air. This is especially useful for bacteria that has already traveled through the air and has landed on a surface. Harmful microorganisms that cause flu and other viral infections can also be eliminated before they can circulate.

When Does a New Air Conditioner Become Necessary

Even with air purifiers and proper maintenance and cleaning, an old or poorly maintained air conditioner can be detrimental to air quality. An old air conditioner will be less efficient at dehumidifying and filtering inside air. New filters and cleaning out the ducts may not be enough to really improve the air quality.

Over time, the air ducts may have built up dust and pollen inside them. If the air conditioner is harboring the dangerous particles it is trying to filter, then it is working against itself. These contaminated ducts and filters can cause or intensify allergies and asthma. That is when getting a new air conditioner will prove to be the most useful.

If you are wanting to improve the air quality inside your home, then contact the experts at Complete Environmental Solutions. Our indoor air quality specialists will not only thoroughly test the quality of air inside your home, but they can also install a new air conditioner. To find out more about our indoor air quality testing, contact Complete Environmental Solutions today at (561) 747-2862.

Three Ways Routine Air Conditioning Service Can Save Energy

A central AC unit uses the most energy in a home or business. Performing routine air conditioning service on an AC unit is essential to help it perform more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. Complete Environmental Solutions offers many services including air conditioning service in Jupiter and the surrounding areas.

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we specialize in state of the art air conditioning and dehumidification systems, indoor air quality home testing and treatment, and home and commercial mechanical systems. We also provide AC replacement in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. Below are ways that regularly scheduled air conditioning service can help reduce energy consumption and help save money.

Three Ways Routine Air Conditioning Service Can Save Energy

  • Thorough Maintenance
  • Replace Older Units
  • Change Air Filters And Clean Around The Unit

Thorough Maintenance  

Poorly taken care of units can waste more energy and drive up the electricity bill. It is important to perform routine maintenance on current AC units. Scheduling yearly maintenance with Complete Environmental Solutions will ensure that all units are running at peak efficiency.

Our team of experts will perform maintenance such as testing all safety controls, devices, electrical connections, and terminals. We will inspect the blower and fan assembly, as well as, clean, level and calibrate the thermostat. At the end of our visit, we will provide a written analysis of our findings along with any recommendations.

Replace Older Units

Old and broken down AC units also waste a lot of energy. While performing our routine air conditioning service, our expert contractors can identify if an older unit needs to be replaced. Replacing an old unit with a modern, high-efficiency Energy Star unit will greatly cut down energy usage and cost.

Complete Environmental Solutions can provide AC replacement in Jupiter. We will take care of replacing an older unit, installing a newer unit and performing routine maintenance.     

Change Air Filters And Clean Around The Unit

During a scheduled air conditioning service appointment, our expert contractors can also check and replace any dirty or clogged air filters that may be causing the AC unit to work harder and use more energy. Our team will also clean the area around the unit to ensure proper airflow.

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we offer a team that specializes in air conditioning service in Jupiter. Our experts provide solutions to meet any indoor air quality need. To speak to one of our air conditioning and generator specialists, contact us today at 561-747-2862.

How Does A Generator Work?

Generators have many uses in a society dependent on electricity. When electricity is not available due to power outages, a generator can keep a business running or a home safe and comfortable. Keeping a generator in good repair and well-maintenance is important so that if an emergency does occur for a home or business owner they can be secure for long enough. Complete Environmental Solutions can maintenance small and large generators for any business or homeowner in South Florida. For the best results, it is important to know how generators work.


What Does a Generator Do


An electric generator uses gasoline fuel to make a moving system. That system converts the mechanical energy into a usable form of electricity. Because it does not create the electrical energy itself but converts it, the process is less efficient. In fact, car batteries are kept charged by the mechanical energy produced by the engine. This is why leaving the lights on when the car is turned off will drain the battery. Car engines are designed to convert some of the movement of the components into electrical energy to charge many of the features of the car.


This is how generators work, but they are usually attached to an electrical outlet instead of a car. The main virtue of generators is their convenience. During an emergency, they can be mobile and have self-contained systems that can get running immediately. It can take days for power to return to properties that have been recently hit by hurricanes or other natural disasters. During the aftermath of a natural disaster, many people revert to their survival instincts. A generator allows refrigerators to keep food from perishing and alarm systems to keep working to maintain safety.


Components of a Generator


Some of the parts of a generator include the engine, alternator, fuel tank, and the vents. The engine is the source of most of the movement in a generator. By combustion of fuel, many explosions occur which push pistons and create movement in the shaft. The gases produced by the burning and combustion of fuel go through exhausts to ventilate and reduce heat.


The motion of the shaft is also transferred over to the alternator which uses the stator, a set of non-moving electrical conductors, and a rotor to produce the magnetic field through a rotation. There are many methods by which the electrical energy manifests in the alternator, and they make their way through AC or DC circuits. Circular motion maintains the most inertia in machines, making the process more efficient.


The fuel tank can usually carry enough diesel, propane, gasoline, or natural gas to keep the generator running for several hours before requiring maintenance. Fuel lines drip the resource into the engine so that enough combustion is created for the moving parts, but also to keep from wasting fuel.


When looking for an air conditioner or generator maintenance or repair in South Florida, consider calling Complete Environmental Solutions at (561) 747-2862 or visiting