How A New Air Conditioner Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a term that refers to the air quality within and around places like residences and businesses. Improving air quality in a home can be reason alone to consider buying a new air conditioner. Many harmful pollutants like mold, cleaning agents and volatile chemicals can be found in the air that we …

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Three Ways Routine Air Conditioning Service Can Save Energy

A central AC unit uses the most energy in a home or business. Performing routine air conditioning service on an AC unit is essential to help it perform more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. Complete Environmental Solutions offers many services including air conditioning service in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. At Complete Environmental Solutions, we …

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10 Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Central air-conditioning (AC) was once a luxury item. In today’s age, it’s standard equipment featured in many homes. An AC system cools the home and helps control the humidity inside. It’s important for homeowners to understand all the facets of an AC system, their components, and how they work. Understanding how an air conditioning unit …

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Why You Need Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

  Keeping your A/C running during the summer is important for maintaining a comfortable climate in your home. Don’t wait too long to have your A/C unit checked before the summer. A hot summer day without a working A/C will make you feel miserable in your home. Unexpected AC repairs can end up costing an …

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