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10 Air Conditioning Fun Facts

Central air-conditioning (AC) was once a luxury item. In today’s age, it’s standard equipment featured in many homes. An AC system cools the home and helps control the humidity inside. It’s important for homeowners to understand all the facets of an AC system, their components, and how they work. Understanding how an air conditioning unit works can help a homeowner maintain their AC unit. An AC unit that is maintained and installed correctly can help keep a home cool while keeping energy bills manageable. Here are 10 fun facts that every homeowner should know about air conditioning.

  1. The first home to feature air conditioning was built in Minneapolis in 1913 by Charles Gilbert Gates.
  2. Air conditioning systems helped coin the term “Summer Blockbuster”,  as movie theaters were one of the first businesses to have air conditioning installed.
  3. Herbert Hoover was the first President to enjoy air conditioning in the White House.
  4. A basic AC unit in the 1940’s, it would cost approximately $350. Translating that into today’s economy the price would be almost $3,500.
  5. The first car with air conditioning installed was introduced in 1939 by the Packard Motor Company.
  6. American researchers found that the chance of dying on extremely hot summer days has fallen more than 80 percent over the last 50 years. The research team correlated this to the rise in air conditioning.
  7. The Romans were the first to use a heating system. This heating system was called a “hypocaust.” It sent heat through the floors and walls of the homes of rich Romans.
  8. School children were given summer vacation from school because of the lack of air conditioning. Schools still use this practice of summers off, even though air conditioning installation was eventually provided for schools.
  9. The idea for the air conditioner came from Willis Carrier while working at a publishing company. The heat from the machines was causing the paper to wrinkle and ink to run.
  10. U.S. Installation of air conditioning uses the same amount of energy as it takes to power the whole continent of Africa.

These interesting fun facts about air conditioning helps homeowners understand how climate control is a new technology. With proper maintenance, air conditioning units can last several years. Homeowners can help prolong the life of their air conditioning units with proper maintenance. If an A/C unit is in need of a replacement, it is important to have the air conditioning installation performed correctly.

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