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Three Ways Routine Air Conditioning Service Can Save Energy

A central AC unit uses the most energy in a home or business. Performing routine air conditioning service on an AC unit is essential to help it perform more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. Complete Environmental Solutions offers many services including air conditioning service in Jupiter and the surrounding areas.

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we specialize in state of the art air conditioning and dehumidification systems, indoor air quality home testing and treatment, and home and commercial mechanical systems. We also provide AC replacement in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. Below are ways that regularly scheduled air conditioning service can help reduce energy consumption and help save money.

Three Ways Routine Air Conditioning Service Can Save Energy

  • Thorough Maintenance
  • Replace Older Units
  • Change Air Filters And Clean Around The Unit

Thorough Maintenance  

Poorly taken care of units can waste more energy and drive up the electricity bill. It is important to perform routine maintenance on current AC units. Scheduling yearly maintenance with Complete Environmental Solutions will ensure that all units are running at peak efficiency.

Our team of experts will perform maintenance such as testing all safety controls, devices, electrical connections, and terminals. We will inspect the blower and fan assembly, as well as, clean, level and calibrate the thermostat. At the end of our visit, we will provide a written analysis of our findings along with any recommendations.

Replace Older Units

Old and broken down AC units also waste a lot of energy. While performing our routine air conditioning service, our expert contractors can identify if an older unit needs to be replaced. Replacing an old unit with a modern, high-efficiency Energy Star unit will greatly cut down energy usage and cost.

Complete Environmental Solutions can provide AC replacement in Jupiter. We will take care of replacing an older unit, installing a newer unit and performing routine maintenance.     

Change Air Filters And Clean Around The Unit

During a scheduled air conditioning service appointment, our expert contractors can also check and replace any dirty or clogged air filters that may be causing the AC unit to work harder and use more energy. Our team will also clean the area around the unit to ensure proper airflow.

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we offer a team that specializes in air conditioning service in Jupiter. Our experts provide solutions to meet any indoor air quality need. To speak to one of our air conditioning and generator specialists, contact us today at 561-747-2862.