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How A New Air Conditioner Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a term that refers to the air quality within and around places like residences and businesses. Improving air quality in a home can be reason alone to consider buying a new air conditioner. Many harmful pollutants like mold, cleaning agents and volatile chemicals can be found in the air that we breathe.

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we specialize in indoor air quality testing and treatment. With our state of the air testing technology, we can detect if there are any harmful odors or pathogens affecting the air quality. Our air conditioning service experts can also install a new air conditioner in Jupiter and in the surrounding areas to ensure superior air quality.

What Determines Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe can be affected by many things. Bacteria, viruses, and chemicals used for cooking and cleaning can greatly decrease the air quality and can be extremely harmful to the body. An air conditioner system recycles old air by cleaning it with filters and removing the humidity from it.

Air Purifiers Can Help

The air purifiers offered by Complete Environmental Solutions can help to improve air quality. The oxidizers generated by our air purifiers actively kill harmful parasites in the air. This is especially useful for bacteria that has already traveled through the air and has landed on a surface. Harmful microorganisms that cause flu and other viral infections can also be eliminated before they can circulate.

When Does a New Air Conditioner Become Necessary

Even with air purifiers and proper maintenance and cleaning, an old or poorly maintained air conditioner can be detrimental to air quality. An old air conditioner will be less efficient at dehumidifying and filtering inside air. New filters and cleaning out the ducts may not be enough to really improve the air quality.

Over time, the air ducts may have built up dust and pollen inside them. If the air conditioner is harboring the dangerous particles it is trying to filter, then it is working against itself. These contaminated ducts and filters can cause or intensify allergies and asthma. That is when getting a new air conditioner will prove to be the most useful.

If you are wanting to improve the air quality inside your home, then contact the experts at Complete Environmental Solutions. Our indoor air quality specialists will not only thoroughly test the quality of air inside your home, but they can also install a new air conditioner. To find out more about our indoor air quality testing, contact Complete Environmental Solutions today at (561) 747-2862.