Choosing a Contractor for Air Conditioner Installation

When it comes to properties in Jupiter, Florida, proper A/C installation is critical. The last thing you want in the middle of the summer is for your new A/C unit to stop working for even a few hours. Hiring a qualified and trusted contractor for your air conditioning installation is the best way to prevent any installation errors. Keep reading to learn the factors you should consider when choosing the best contractor for your A/C installation.


The most basic, but most important factors when choosing an A/C contractor is their licenses and certifications. If a contractor is licensed by their state or county, you can be comfortable knowing that they have at least a few years of experience and training. Their training would encompass knowledge of electrical wiring, combustion systems, airflow, and refrigerant. Proper licensing and training is vital because an improper installation could cause malfunctions or even deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Always ask contractors if they are licensed and verify their license with your state or local government.


Always check a contractors abilities and quality by asking for multiple customer references. Reading online reviews is a great place to start, but speaking directly to a previous customer is best. Talking with a recent customer (a project completed within the last year) gives you an idea of what you can expect. Here are some recommended questions to ask when contacting a reference:

  • Was the crew punctual and how long did the installation take?
  • Were there any complications during the installation and how did the contractor resolve them?
  • Did the crew leave a mess behind or did they clean up after themselves?
  • Are you happy with overall service and products you received?

Products Offered

At Complete Environmental Solutions, we are a dealer for many brand name A/C compressors, handlers, and other components. Without a doubt, we want our clients to get the best quality units and components for their property. Never settle for a company that only offers refurbished or lower quality brands. Do your research on the unit you want and make sure the dealer you work with offers that brand.

Other A/C Services Offered

There are multiple benefits of working with a full-service HVAC company. Being able to buy your new A/C unit or parts from the same company that installs them will save you time in shopping around. Also, the company that sells and installs your unit should be able to come out for any repairs or maintenance. The company who installs the unit will know your company, the unit, and equipment on your property, making for a smoother service call. You may even be able to purchase a maintenance or service plan with the same company.


Although most A/C units come with a manufacturer’s warranty for malfunctions due to factory parts, not all contractors offer warranties for their labor. Make sure that your contractor offers some level of warranty for any issues that arise due to errors in the work they complete. Get their warranty in writing before signing a contract or paying any final balances.

Be Weary of Contractors Who:

  • Give quotes over the phone
  • Replace your A/C unit with an identical unit
  • Unlicensed contractors
  • Have many bad online reviews
  • Provide bids significantly lower than other contractors

Air conditioning installation is no joke for Jupiter property owners and a quality contractor can make all of the difference in providing the experience. Going even a few hours without cool air because of a faulty ac installation can be brutal. Do your research and get to know a contractor before hiring them to do the job. For an A/C installation contractor you can trust, contact Complete Environmental Solutions. We are fully licensed, insured, and we have over 24 years of experience servicing Palm Beach County properties.