Prepare For Hurricane Season With Generator Maintenance

All Floridians know generator maintenance and generator repairs are essential while preparing for hurricane season. June through November are the months in which possible storms begin to form in the Atlantic Ocean. During this season, it is essential to make sure that families and individuals are equipped with the right supplies during a storm. Complete Environmental Solutions is a great South Florida company that provides generator maintenance and repairs to those products. The importance of routine maintenance and preventative maintenance will allow for a more efficient generator. These repairs will also allow people to rely on another source of electricity for an extended period of time during and after a storm. People who want to prepare early for a hurricane can rely on Complete Environmental Solutions for their work.

All About Generator Maintenance Before A Storm:

  • Importance of Maintenance
  • Benefits of Maintenance
  • Cost of Maintenance

Importance of Maintenance

Although storms only occur once or twice a year, upkeep on generators is essential for their functionality. As a result, daily and periodic maintenance is vital for the efficient operation of a generator. Maintenance includes checking on the emission control system of the machine. Generators are important when there is power loss and they provide a household with temporary electricity until full power is restored. Daily maintenance involves:

  • Checking Oil Levels
  • Inspecting The Fan Assembly
  • Replacing or Washing Standard Air Filters

This kind of daily maintenance is essential in order to catch problems before it is too late. Having a properly running generator is important for temporary electricity. Other necessary services are fan assembly and replacing or washing the air filters. Fan assembly maintenance will allow the hot air to be cooled and provide temporary air conditioning. Replacing or washing air filters is essential for the correct amount of air to be drawn, or the engine will overwork.

Benefits of Maintenance

There are many benefits to performing generator maintenance. Saving money is an essential aspect of routine maintenance. Putting off maintenance will allow for possible long-term problems that can be avoided. Having a properly running machine before bad weather arrives is a great way to prepare in advance. Scheduled maintenance will allow for an uninterrupted power supply during an outage.

Cost of Maintenance

There are many types of generators that are suited best for the home. The type and size of a generator will determine the cost of the repair. Standby and larger engine generators will be an expensive project; smaller portable generators will cost much less to repair. Sizes ranging from seven to ten kilowatts will cost an average of fifty dollars. However, larger models between thirty and forty-five kilowatts will cost about six hundred dollars to perform any repairs. Large generators are best for areas with frequent power outages and severe weather.

Preparing for hurricane season is essential and generator repairs and generator maintenance will make a difference. Call Complete Environmental Solutions to learn more about the services offered today! (561) 747-2826 and on the web at