Questions To Ask When Receiving An Air Conditioning Estimate

While getting an air conditioner repaired it is essential to ask various questions about the AC service a person will be receiving. Complete Environmental Solutions provides fair estimates to their customers which allows people to trust in this company. We strive to provide effective and current solutions to meet all of a customer’s  AC needs. While receiving service on an AC or getting an AC installed it is essential to ask the right questions while receiving an estimate. This is crucial in order to understand the details and charges of the job.


Questions To Ask When Receiving An Air Conditioning Estimate

  • Save Money
  • Financing
  • Warranty
  • Written Estimate


Save Money

Getting an estimate for an AC repair or installation will result in getting an estimate. An estimate is an approximation or projection of a quantity based on the information provided. This allows a customer to have written documentation on the service being provided. One question to ask is about ways to save money on an electric bill. This question will allow the technician to provide the customer with energy efficient units. A technician will inform the customer of the best energy efficient models that will best be suited for a home or business.



Financing is a crucial question to ask the technician. Most AC service is pricey which can mean spending large sums of money. Financing is the process of providing funds for business activities such as making purchases or investing. Many people may not be in a position to pay upfront for a new AC due to the price. Asking the technician about financing options will give the customer a peace of mind knowing that there are payment plans available. Complete Environmental Solutions has a program in place called PACE which is implemented in order to assist property owners with the cost of service to a unit.    



Asking about a warranty is also another essential question to ask an expert. A warranty is a written guarantee issued to the customer which promises a pair or replacement within a certain period of time. This is crucial information to find out in the event the unit fails. As a result, the customer will not be responsible for the issue and the company will take care of the problem.   


A Written Estimate

The customer should ask the technician if there will be a written estimate provided showing the work that was completed. This will allow the customer to be informed in detail about the repair or installation of an AC unit. The written estimate should document time, dates, job schedule, warranty information, and costs. Having this information written will allow the customer to address concerns and will help in avoiding other issues.

Complete Environmental Solutions provides excellent and reliable air conditioning repair and AC services. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can answer all questions regarding an estimate for an AC repair or AC installation and are equipped for any job. Call us today! at (561) 747-2862 for more information.