Top 10 AC Repair Needs

Ac repair is on a lot of homeowners mind when the air conditioning unit is acting up. Sometimes an ac unit might be blowing warm air or is making loud noises. Often times these are clues that the home air conditioning unit needs an HVAC technician to determine if the ac needs repair. Having a malfunctioning ac unit can make the home uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. For Jupiter residents, having a working ac is paramount as the Florida summer months are particularly hot. At Complete Environmental Solutions, we are Jupiter’s premier ac repair and maintenance company. For homeowners that are unaware of the facets of their air conditioning unit, here are the top 10 ac repair needs for air conditioning units.

  1. The AC Is Blowing Warm Air – An air conditioning unit that blows warm air makes the interior of the home uncomfortable. It’s not only uncomfortable for the homeowner, but guests and pets feel the heat when an air conditioning unit blows hot air.
  2. Air Circulation – Air that flows weak through the vents is an indicator that there is an issue with air circulation. The air may feel cool out of the vents but, it may not be strong enough to circulate throughout the room. This is typically a sign that the AC compressor is failing, or there is an issue with the ductwork.
  3. Thermostat Not Working – The thermostat controls the temperature and how often the air flows in the home. When an AC doesn’t turn on or runs sporadically, this may indicate the thermostat is broken.
  4. AC Makes Loud Noises – Sounds like squealing, grinding, or scraping from the ac unit demonstrate an internal problem. Loose pieces inside or a loose belt can be a costly repair for the ac if left unchecked.
  5. The AC Smells Bad – An ac unit is not supposed to stink or smell. A pungent smell can be a result of burned out wire insulation. A musty smell probably means that there is mold somewhere in the unit or ductwork.
  6. The AC Requires Constant Repairs – If the ac is being repaired a few times out of the year, it may be time to purchase a new one. When ac units are older than 10 years old, they may start to break down (if not properly maintained).
  7. Too Much Humidity – A function of the ac unit is to reduce the humidity in the home. If the inside of the home is too humid when the ac is running, then there is a malfunction with the ac unit.
  8. Freon Leaks – Refrigerant leaks in the HVAC system is a problem. A freon leak can be potentially dangerous as it is poisonous. It can manifest in a few ways such as condensation blockage, or ice around refrigerant lines.
  9. Unusual Energy Bill Increases – A power bill that increases dramatically with normal ac usage is often an indicator that there is an issue with the ac unit. Factors such as leaks in the duct system, broken thermostat, or age of the unit can cause spikes in the monthly energy bills.
  10. The AC Unit Is Old – If an ac unit is 10 years old it may be time for a replacement. At that point, ac repairs may be too costly and those funds may be better utilized for a new ac unit.

These are the top 10 repairs that homeowners face with their ac units. As with any ac issues, it’s important to have an HVAC technician inspect and diagnose the air conditioning unit. For Jupiter residents that are experiencing issues with their ac, the certified technicians at Complete Environmental Solutions can help. Serving Jupiter and the surrounding areas for over 10 years, Complete Environmental Solutions are the ac repair experts. For ac repair in Jupiter, contact Complete Environmental Solutions today at 561-747-2862.